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(Glyceria di Branchiata)

Pale, translucent body with small parapodia small, tapered head with four tiny antennae large, eversible, bulbous proboscis with
four small black fangs.

(Nereis Virens)

Opalescent green and copper brown in color & well developed parapodia head has four to five pair of tentacles
eversible proboscis has a pair of large, sickle like jaws

Large worm with three body regions and a small contractible head, a robust mink and a long, thin tail head lacks appendages
paired gills and minute parapodia on trunk region eversible proboscis with papillae.

Trumpet Worm
(Pectinaria gouldii)
Flattened head possesses a fan of golden setae lives in acone shaped tube of cemented sand cone about two inches in length.

Scale worm
(Lepidononu squamatus)

12 to 13 pairs of scales shades of brown and often mottled or spotted.

Terebellid worm
(Amphitrite johnstoni)
Body tapered and divided into two regions head with numerous tentacles red and tree like gills behind the tentacles.
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