Quality live saltwater Seaworms from Down East Maine.
Bloodworms also called Pile worms are best live saltwater bait for
fishing striped bass and spot, white perch, croaker, catfish & stripers.
Sandworms also called Clam worms or Rag worms best bait for
flounder, sea trout, blackfish, striped bass, porgy, whiting,
croakers, rockfish and surf perch.
Sea worms are excellent for experimental study for schools
elementary, high school, college & university.
Harvesting Seaworms is a hard job and done by people who have
dug all there lives and they learned from their fathers and so on.
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Bloodworms live on an
average for 2 - 3 weeks
Sandworms live on an
average for 1 to 2 weeks
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USA Shipping Only
We also sell frozen worms for
aquaculture feed (shrimp or fish)
We are not associated with
any other seaworm company
We have only one location- Milbridge
Hydrometer & Sea Salt 10 gal.
HMSS- $35.00
Order with no sea worms
Hydrometer & Sea Salt 10 gal.
HMSS2- $20.00
Order with sea worms
Seaworm shipped to all other US States:
SHIPPED UPS 2 day air
*Seaworms will live approximately 2 weeks*
*Guaranteed to receive a full count on seaworms*
SW10DLJ- Sandworms Nereis Virens
Large/Jumbo 5"-12"-
10 doz $110
SW5DLJ- Sandworms Nereis Virens
Large/Jumbo 5"-12"-
5 doz $60
Prices do not include shipping.
Shipped on Mondays Tuesday Wednesdays
Orders from all other States prices listed below.
UPS ground 2 day S&H:
Celebrating 16 years
in business in 2016!! 
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SW20DLJ- Sandworms Nereis Virens
Large/Jumbo 5"-12"-
20 doz $200
We do not keep seaworms in stock.
You order we buy the seaworms.
Sea worms shipped in salt water.
Box (insulated), ice packs
& instructions included.
Please do not refuse package because seaworms will not make the trip back to Maine with no oxygen. 
eMail or Text the pics of you and
the fish you catch and
we will place them on FB :)
Ordering Policy:
No cancellations
No Returns
No Refunds
Place your seaworms in
salt wate
r to plump them up
and keep them longer!
BW5DLJ- Bloodworms Glycera di Branchiata
Large/Jumbo 6"-10"-
5 doz $80
BW10DLJ- Bloodworms Glycera di Branchiata
Large/Jumbo 6"-10"-
10 doz $150
BW20DLJ- Bloodworms Glycera di Branchiata
Jumbo 6"-10"-
20 doz $280